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Ellet Class of 1974
Sensational Sixty Birthday Weekend

August 19 - 20, 2016

This is the note from Valerie Smith
that she included with her RSVP for the birthday party.

Dancing Orange Guy
Down at Lock3, they have events of all kinds, all year long.
(For you out-of-towners, you'll want to check out this link.)
Lock 3 is in downtown Akron.

Dancing Orange Guy

At Lock3, in Summertime, concerts abound!
Friday concerts are always 'tribute bands', and they are free-of-charge.

Ellet's Class of 1974 was able to rent space at Lock3, so our whole Class could be together
for the David Bowie Tribute Band, "A Space Oddity".

A couple of Classmates gave me their thoughts on this concert.

Leanne Cox Sprouse had this to say:
"I really liked the evening under the tent, the relaxed atmosphere for our classmates (who showed up), and just milling around talking to everyone.

Of the folks who were there, I remember Jeff Boggs, who was able to bring his dear friend, Cole Diaz, (who now resides in Florida).

Of course, Mark Manning and his wife, Candy, were there.
So was Ellie Fotion Ahan, (who comes back from Maryland to be with us), and Ed Latchaw was with us, too.
Gil Stadler and his wife, Cheryl, were there...and so many others I was happy to see."

"But", Leanne said, "I felt not that many showed up, or even stayed the whole evening.
It was a 'they dropped in, but didn't stay' kind of feeling I had."

"Ooohh, yeah....I liked the munchies too, but having other options food wise (vendors) was good, too.

One really special thing happened: Tim Daugherty, from WONE-FM, announced our birthday party.
Then the band played the Beatles version of Happy Birthday to our class.
And, speaking of the band, they came to wish us all a personal Happy Birthday
when they were done with their show, and thanked us for showing up.
(My husband and I know Tim, personally. I'd told him about our class birthday gathering, and he did the rest)."

Gil Stadler, who has volunteered at Lock3, forever, had THIS to say:
"[The tribute band] was called "Space Oddity", David Brighton's Tribute to David Bowie, with Angie Haze Project as warm up.

Thoughts? Hmmm, Cheryl & I maintained our volunteer status that night, though management gave me leave
to "check" on everyone at the party whenever and however long that took.
Aside from the weather earlier that evening, it turned out nice.

There were even a few classmates who showed up, unexpectedly,
simply because they'd seen the banner on the pavillion we'd rented.

The David Bowie portion of the show was great!
However, the warm-up band [Angie Haze Project] sounded better during their sound checks
as opposed to their portion of the concert before the main act.


And, then, with Gil's normal sense of humor, he said:
"There were no classic cars involved,
and none were harmed during the writing of this email."

(Ya just gotta love this guy!!)

Dancing Orange Guy

To see the pics from this weekend, click on the links below.

Dancing Orange Guy

BUT...before you go there....

As Friday night comes to a close, and I'm looking at all these pictures,
(especially the SnapShots at the end), 'Romper Room with Miss Barbara' popped into my head:

"Romper, stomper, bomper boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me, do.

Magic Mirror, tell me today, did all my friends have fun at play?"

I'm quite sure they did!!

Pictures from Friday, 08-19-16, are HERE!

Pictures from Saturday, 08-20-16, are HERE!


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