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Shannon Shannon Fox
Shannon Fox Zuccaro

Iíve been married since 1999 (and yes, itís my first marriage). All my friends thought I would be one of the first to get married, but I guess I just couldnít seem to find the right person, and to be quite honest, I was quite content and happy on my own.

I live in Chesterland because it's close to where my stepchildren live.

I met my husband, Anthony, in 1992 and we started dating 1995. Heís a wonderful man and was well worth the wait!!

Anthony is a design engineer and works for a company in Cleveland.

My stepson, Ryan, is attending Lakeland Community College.

My stepdaughter, Alyssa, is a freshman at Bowling Green and is a member of their soccer team.

Right after high school I started working at Childrenís Hospital - sort of worked my way up the ranks and my last position there was as an assistant to one of the V.P.ís where I did physician credentialing.
I worked there for 17 years and decided I wanted a change from the healthcare environment and went to work at Little Tykes in Hudson (where I met my husband). I worked there for 8 years for the V.P. of Research and Development.

When my husband and I got married and moved to Chesterland, I began my current job with Zeisler Morgan Properties in Beachwood, which is only 15 minutes from my home.

The company I work for develops and manages shopping centers. Iím the assistant to our in-house counsel and also help our controller with accounting duties. Since Iíve moved to the Cleveland area, Iíve lost touch with a lot of people - I would love to hear more from classmates and what theyíve been up to.

I have to mention that I looooove dogs and have two at the moment Ė Milo and Maggie (both rescued). My dream in life is to run some sort of animal rescue group, or perhaps own a dog kennel Ė that is truly my calling and would make me very happy!!


I'm sorry to report that we lost Shannon on 09-10-19. No details were available

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