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Leslie Angel Leslie Angel and husband Jim Humphrey
Leslie Angel Humphrey

I met a "Garfield" guy, Jim Humphrey, in April of our Senior year.

Upon graduation, I was accepted at Children's Hospital School of Radiology. It was a two year program, but midstream into the program, I accepted a marriage proposal from Jim, got married, and then finished my radiology school in 1976.

We lived in Uniontown for two years and I gave birth to our daughter, Jessica, in 1978.

But, longing for change, we decided to take a leap in faith and moved to Winchester, Kentucky.

We built a house in the country and even raised a couple pigs, cows, and numerous squawking birds!!
Going from being a city girl to a country girl, was NO transition for me.......I loved it!

Shortly thereafter, we had our son, Jonathan, in 1983.

Jim went into the optical field as an Optician and we had a business together for 18 years.

During those years, we traveled on many trips to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii.
(That was just one of the perks of having your own business!)
We met a lot of interesting people, and had the time of our lives!
I managed our company, and I also worked, as needed, in the X-Ray field.

Unfortunately, our business ended in 1996.
It was time, now, for me to look for a full time job.
I was approached to manage a law firm, and did so for 10 years.
(Boy was THAT ever a 'life experience'.)

Jim went to work as a sales representative, still in the optical industry.

We began empty nest syndrome with both our children leaving in 2001.

Jessica left for college to study and receive her masters in Special Education.
Jonathan went into the Air Force.

Our son is career driven, and is a Staff SGT Crew Chief, stationed at Lackenheath AFB, in London.
He has been around the world, and back, many times.

We are, naturally, very proud of both our children.

My daughter has given us two wonderful grandsons: Noah, (b. 2006), and Wesley, (b. 2010). (They are the loves of my life!!)

In Kentucky, we lived so close to Jessica that we saw the boys whenever we wanted. It was wonderful...I was the best Nana, EVER!!

But, it was during last year's Winter, that we decided we were DONE with the cold!!
So, in March, 2014, Jim and I took a trip to Florida to visit 'The Villages', a Retirement Community. We REALLY loved what we saw, and we decided to take the plunge!

So, we put our house on the market.
It sold in 58 days, and we moved to the villages, on Sept 29th, 2014.

This decision was a difficult one, but ultimately, the best decision we've made.

Jim and I are so happy here, and have made several new friends.
Socializing just comes with the package. Plus.... the sunshine doesn't hurt!!

We miss our grandchildren, and can barely wait to see them on spring break, this April.

Being married over 39 years has it's own rewards, but having grandchildren is a gift from God.
(Especially since they come with a return policy!!!)

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