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Joyce Van Hook

After graduation, Barb Woods and I took off for Ft Lauderdale, where I worked in the health club industry for two years.

After that I moved to Denver, Colorado, where I continued as a manager for a health club.

In 1982, I moved to Ft Myers, Florida, and have been here ever since.

I have been married since 1986. I have two grown children; my son, Tyler, and my daughter, Chelsy, who is mother to one wonderful granddaughter, Kendra.

One of my children is married to a marine and lives in California, and the other is still in Ft Myers.

I became a flight attendant for T.W.A., in 1986, but was laid off after three years.
I have been with Continental/United Airlines since 1993, and I love it.

I love to dance, play tennis, and just try to enjoy our beautiful weather.

Thanks for reading my bio and I look forward to reading additional bios from my classmates.

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