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Jerry, in 1974...........and Jerry, with his son, Yannick

Gerald "Jerry" Hudnall

After leaving high school, I attended the University of Akron where I became a member of Pi Kappa Epsilon (Lone star) fraternity; I joined with Robbie Eggert also from the class of 74.

I had so much fun living on Campus that it actually took 5 years to get that degree.

One of the high points of college life was becoming President of the frat.

Upon leaving Akron University, (where I majored in education history and English), I taught one semester at Buchtel High School, in Akron.

Then I left Buchtel to teach in the inner city in Cleveland, Ohio.

After only 1 year in Cleveland, I left that school system, and ended up at Canton Central Catholic High School. I have been living in Canton and teaching here for over 30 years... and loving every minute of it.

I have a passion for journalism and have been an advisor for our school paper for over twenty years.
Also, I attended grad school at Ohio University, and Akron University, where the focus became Journalism and Writing.

I have a passion for tennis, too. Coaching both girls and boys' tennis in 1987, we have won 2 state championships in Division II : one in 1999, and again in 2000.
I also enjoyed coaching against Mr.Young and Ellet's team when he was there.

Two of my players went pro and one just retired after 15 years on the circuit.

I currently teach college prep World Literature and Composition, and Honors English, both at the senior (12th grade) level.
I am very passionate about Holocaust Literature and have added this course to my curriculum.

I guess with school, grad school, and coaching, I have a satisfying life.

One regret was that I have lost all contact with my high school friends, and also the 27 kids from St. Matthews class of 1970 who are also members of the class of 74.

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