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Jeff Morgan
Jeff Morgan

I was contacted by Greg Nicodemus, via Facebook, and he turned me onto the Ellet Class of 1974 website.

I guess I have fallen off the Ellet Class of 74 radar for some time. Constantly moving around with the military over the past 30+ years has a way of doing that.

After HS, I did a little college at Akron U, moved to Cleveland, had some odd jobs, and was generally clueless about what I wanted out of life. So, I joined the AF in Apr, 1977 to see the world. I have been in Tucson, AZ, since 1992; retiring from the AF in 1997 after 20 years; I now work as a Defense Contractor.

During my AF career I was stationed in Louisiana, Germany, Arizona, Iceland, Texas, Honduras, Panama, Saudi Arabia, (and lots of other "choice" temporary duty locations).

I ended up back in AZ & retired from the AF in Tucson at Davis-Monthan AFB in 1997 - have been here in Tucson ever since.

I completed a dual Bachelors Degree from Park University in Computer Science & Management, Computer Information Systems in 1994 and earned an Executive Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology from Troy University in 2002.

I am currently an "embedded" civilian contractor working for L3-Communications (mid-size Defense Contractor). I work at DMAFB supporting the Air Forces Southern (AFSOUTH) Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) as an IT System Engineer and Subject Matter Expert for a family of Command and Control Systems. Our OPS center is highly automated, and looks something like the movie "War Games" mock-up of NORAD @ Cheyenne Mountain - no, we don't have a WOPR.

As a contractor, I went over to Qatar in 2001 immediately after 9/11 with the Air Force unit I support. We were tasked by our sister unit to set up an alternate Command Center for CENTAF at Al Udied AB.

In 2003 I was requested, by name, to support the ramp up to the Air War for the Iraq invasion, and went back to Saudi Arabia at CENTAF's CAOC. CENTAF's CAOC is now permanently relocated to the Qatar alternate location - we got most of our US military forces out of Saudi to relieve pressure on their government.

My wife's name is Donna - she is a farm girl from Minnesota, and we met in the AF. We were married in Dec 1978.

She is an Educational Administrator working for Park University, has worked for Park for almost 20 years (started in Texas). She is currently the Regional Director for the Western Region - supervises 12 satellite campus centers in the western US, mostly on Military bases. Park's home campus is in Parkville, Missouri, just outside of Kansas City. She travels extensively in her job - payback for all the TDY's (temporary duty to you civilians) I had in the AF.

Our son, David, was born in Landstuhl, Germany, while we were stationed there. He lives here in Tucson with his wife, Katie. They were married June 2008. They have a beautiful son, Jacob Jeffrey Morgan.
David has worked at Intuit (makers of Turbo Tax & QuickBooks) here in Tucson for the past 8 years, while Katie is currently a stay-at-home Mom. David has an associates degree in Anthropology, and recently has gone back to school on-line to complete his bachelors degree. Katie is a graduate of Northern Arizona University.

Our daughter Kristina was born here in AZ at Williams, AFB, which is SE of Phoenix. She was valedictorian of her Sabino High School, Class of 2001, & graduated from the University of AZ in 2005. She lived in San Diego for a couple of years after college, but moved back to AZ last year and is currently attending Physician's Assistant school at MidWestern University in Glendale (suburb west of Phoenix). She is in her 2nd year and has started doing internship rotations.

My hobbies include HD Motorcycles, Hunting, Golf and Knights of Columbus (Catholic Men's Society).

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