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Gil Stadler
Gil Stadler

Gilbert L. Stadler, Jr. was born at Akron City Hospital, 50+ years ago...like so many of us.

Raised in Akron, he moved to Wadsworth in late 1974.

He furthered his education by attending the University of Akron, graduating with a B.S. in Biology.

On June 12, 1980, Gil joined the U.S. Army - Army Reserves - Military Police, part of the military build-up under President Reagan. He was stationed at various military bases. And, because of being stationed at these bases, he saw many parts of the world. At the end of his military service, he came home to Akron.

While still in the Reserves, Gil married Cheryl Kowalski, of Alden. New York, on November 2, 1984. (Alden, NY is very near...get this....Akron, NY)

They have three children, of whom they are SO proud.

The eldest of Gil's kids is Joyce Lyn, (who was born in August, 1984).

Joyce went to East High School.
She also graduated college with an Associates degree in Film Production and a BS in Film, and she has worked in freelance media.

She has also been involved in two stage productions at Weathervane Theatre as Sound Designer for "Enchanted April", and for "The Rainmaker".

She currently resides in...GET THIS... Gilbert, Arizona!

There, she pursued an MBA and working for a local satellite company.

We went to Arizona, in early November, 2014 to see her graduation commencement in the University of Phoenix Stadium.
(This will be known by most where Super Bowl IXL was played in which the New England Patriots won by the skin of their teeth.)
The place is huge; we got lost in the parking lot a couple of times, after the ceremony.

Of course, any commencement is a meaningful experience... especially when you see your kid go through it.

The weather was incredible, and we fell in love with Arizona the 4 days we were there.
We saw Tombstone, and the site of the famous cowboy-era shootout.

GET THIS: We were stopped by the U.S. Border Patrol on our way back to Gilbert - how neat THAT was. We weren't carrying any illegals (oh, excuse me, undocumented persons) that day, so they let us proceed.

We also saw the Superstition Mountains and climbed around a bit in them, looking for the Lost Dutchman Mine. I don't actually think it is there, though the media personalities (and a whole host of others) would disagree.

Anyway, our Joyce now works for an automotive company that, from what I gather, supplies car dealerships with their inventories for retail sale.
She works in an expansion division of the company and she will become the manager.
(This job came before she had degree in hand..... Nice!)

Joyce will be getting married August 8, 2015. Of course, this means a road trip for us here in Ohio, in a manner of speaking.

Then, came Gilbert III, (born in April, 1986).

He is a University of Akron graduate, (Summa Cum Laude) with aspirations toward writing professionally as a novelist and short story writer.

Gil III plays guitar on the side with increasing interest in Spanish guitar.

He worked as a Automotive Technician at Mike Pruitt Honda, following his graduation from East High School, in 2004.
Currently, he works as a tech writer with a local software design firm travelling all over the U.S., giving training/product review sessions with and for customers.

Until very recently, he also worked 'on-call', as a dispatcher for the Summit County Sheriff's Department 9-1-1 call center.

Our son will also be getting married, actually before his sister does. The peal of wedding bells will occur on April 25, 2015, here in Akron.
As a matter of fact, the wedding will be in the Ellet area, at the Eastwood Church of the Brethren on Darrow Road.

Finally, there comes Elijah David, (born in December of 1994), who is also an Ellet High Alumnus, Class of 2013.

He is still trying to determine the direction in life that best suits him, whether work-world or higher education.
Currently, he is in the work-world, learning the inner workings of Chipotle.
But, he is looking to once again change directions, as the 'employment world' offers. (In other words, he is out looking for work, other than in the food industry.)
And, let's not forget playing guitar in a Rock Band, as well.

Cheryl and I joined that social group known as "Empty Nesters", shortly after Elijah graduated.

Some folks bemoan this time, and I can see why: All the activity has suddenly become non-activity.
Your whole existence was geared to the kids and what they were doing.
Now you are again left to your own devices, though you check in on the kids from time to time to see what they are up to and the changes they see can be interesting.

But, you know, an interesting experience it is, looking at your kids' lives from the outside, so to speak, and offering advice which may...or may NOT...be accepted.
Then, of course, there is always the back-up cliché, "See, I told you so....", when something there doesn't quite work out.

But, those changes are theirs.
I think it is a neat time, actually.

Look at Cheryl.... she went back to school!

She has been taking courses for the past 2 years toward an associate degree in Medical Administration, and her course work is now rapidly concluding.
She is in her final phase known as an externship (internship) in the field, and will be graduating in June.

It's an exciting time for her, and the chance to change occupations to that which is more appealing and rewarding.

Gil has worked for the City of Akron, since 1989.

He works in Water Pollution Control as a Laboratory Analyst III,
reviewing and reporting on TONS of paperwork, (well, now 'pounds' of paperwork, since being encouraged to do everything electronically) of the WWTP processes, for operating purposes, NDPES (EPA) reporting & billing for the suburbs).

He has a recreational interest in coins, stamps, and old publications and books.
He says, though, that with maintenance on a few properties, (including the old homestead in the Wadsworth area),
and fixing what needs fixed, there seems to be little time for much else...even with the kids grown and gone.
("But", Gil says,"let's not forget Lock3, in Downtown Akron, where Cheryl and I volunteer for the Summer Concerts".

When asked if he had anything else that people might be interested in, he said, "Well, we DID camp for a week in the shadow of the Devil's Tower, in Wyoming.
That is the rock formation made famous in the movie 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind.'
While there, we were adopted as Honorary Members of the Wyoming Biker's Association, (MC), Gillette Chapter." (As an aside: check them out on Facebook. It would be neat to have a chapter here in Ohio.)
"There is NO UFO landing area behind the Tower...we diligently looked.
Also, in the area, across the desolate border of Montana, we found one of the last bivouac areas of
General George Custer, before he fell into the pages of History.
He was certainly reckless, putting himself AND his troops, in a defensive position inside a bowl. BRILLIANT!
("As a matter of fact", Gil told me, "Custer was reduced in rank after the Civil War.
When he was busy heading to destiny, he was only a Lt. Col.... no longer a General.
He probably liked that better considering his independent demeanor and dash. Being a general meant decorum and a team attitude.")

Anyway, even now, that border area is well-travelled.....(Ha!! "I'm joking!", Gil says) "Why, you could set up a picnic lunch, right in the middle
of the road and not be bothered by any traffic, at all.
We were the Rush Hour. As a matter of fact, the whole time we were there, not a single vehicle came by. Not One.
We were there quite a bit of time, too, examining things and taking photos."
(Camp Devlin even has a history marker, though not much is mentioned in any web search, thus far.)

Gil is part of the Ellet Class of 1974 Reunion Committee. We couldn't do much without his 'well-thought-out' input.

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