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David Kurtz 1974
David Kurtz

WOW! 35 -36- 36 years, and counting! And none of us look a day over ... well, I'll let that go.

After graduation, I think that I spent a lot of time in great contemplation of the deeper aspects and meanings of life, and anything that ended up leading me to becoming a professional student for a while. This saved my mother and father from having to tell others that their son was unemployed.

There are parts of my past that are dark, but the story has a happy ending.
It was 15 years before I headed to Hollywood, California.
There are other dark spots, in California, that are a part of what 12-steppers call "jails, institutions, and death" but today I'm headed into double digits of being clean and sober.

But for the sake of making this story flow, and not depress you, dear reader, we will move on to the move to California.

I don't know if I wanted to become a star, although I have worked as an extra with Linda Hamilton, and RuPaul. I sang back up with Bobby Brown, Chakka Khan, and others to name drop.

I did more school out here and acquired an AA/Accounting as well as a Certification/Paralegal. But, I believe I came to California because it is an easier place to live as an openly gay man.

Today, I live healthy with AIDs, and I enjoy working with a property management company and a list of high end clientele for various personal assistant projects.

I do a lot of volunteer work. I work with youths, and a 12-step program. I assist others not only within recovery, but all people searching betterment and wholeness of their own lifestyle and living.

Nowadays, I love to travel, camp and hike. I go to the gym at least 4 times a week. My running (in gym) on the treadmill, however, is confined to 15 minutes and is all the running I do, other than maybe if a mugger was chasing me with a knife. ha ha."

I would rather shop and decorate, or entertain friends when I am not outside.
It is the simple things that I have come to embrace and enjoy. I live by a realization that NOW is the only reality and I try to live it with kindness.

37 years ... who woulda thunkit?

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